《DotA2》英雄配音 幽默风格很搞笑

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[乐游网导读]dota2的趣味配音攻击:You point, I\’ll punch! 你指哪儿我打哪儿!



You point, I\’ll punch! 你指哪儿我打哪儿!

I always do your dirty work。我总是帮你干脏活儿。


Throw the damn thing! 把那个破玩意儿扔了!

Shaken and stirred!摇一摇,再搅一搅~

Didn’t you hear me telling you to throw it? 没听见我告诉你把它丢了吗?

Greed is good 这个大家都懂的


Damn, was gonna ask Batrider if he wanted to trade mounts。想买坐骑找蝙蝠骑士去!

Pudge, were you tapping methane? Yikes! 胖子你在放甲烷?吓死我了!

I always wondered what you\’d get if you melted Apparition down. 我很想知道把极寒幽魂融化了能得到什么

Hey, you think Kunkka knew I stole his rum? 嘿,你觉得昆卡会知道我偷了他的朗姆酒吗?

Morphling, if I could have shoved you in a beaker… 水人兄,如果我把你放在烧杯里晃悠两下。。。

One Skeleton King provides a day\’s requirement of calcium 一只骷髅王可以提供一整天所需的钙!

Clinkz, your bones were brittle. Shoulda eaten more spinach. 骨弓你有点骨质疏松,多吃点菠菜。

Get out the siphon. Clockwerk\’s full of gasoline! 放开我的虹吸管,发条全身都是汽油!

I didn\’t need a tree trunk to knock you out, Earthshaker. 老牛,我不需要树干就可以敲死你

You made my knuckles bleed, Spirit Breaker. 白牛!我的关节在出血!


Only ninety eight percent pure? 难道只有98%的纯度?


Must\’ve mixed up the formula! 一定是配方弄错了!

Shoulda brought a bigger ogre。我应该抓一只更大的食人魔的!


Failure is just another kind of success. The wrong kind. 失败也是一种成功,不大对劲的那种

Maybe I should find some more stable formulas. 也许我应该找些更稳定的配方

I hope I didn\’t leave anything on the burner. 但愿我没有把什么东西落在炉子上


Does Immortality work for both of us? It better!这玩意儿对咱俩都有用么?那就太好了!

极寒幽魂Ancient Apparition


Icefog 好吧这个也是吐槽的


Crystal Maiden, you dare cross ice with me?冰女,你敢在我面前放冰?

Lina, frozen out. 莉娜,你出局了

Pudge, it\’s the meat locker for you! 胖子,这是给你冻肉的冰柜

Lich, your ice is weak. 巫妖,你的冰弱爆了


A south wind blows. 南风那个吹~

Another ice age is coming. Ha ha ha ha ha! 又到了一个冰河世纪。哈哈哈哈!

Anti-Mage 敌法师


I\’ve sundered this cabal! 我已经消灭了这个小团体


Scarce worth the effort. 浪费我的努力!


They who live by the wand shall die by my blade。拿着法杖的人都得死在我的刀下


The bonds of brotherhood, severed. 我们的兄弟情义已经断绝

What blood ties, magic tears asunder. 什么血缘关系,魔法已经将我们分开了

Vile fratricide. 骨肉相残太可耻了!

Mother always liked you best. 妈妈最喜欢你了。

What would mother say? 妈妈会说什么呢?


What magic is this? 这是什么魔法!

I go to glory! 我光荣了

Even in death I am not thine. 即使我死了我也不是你的人(结合AM的背景故事,被杀死的僧人都被召唤了)

Thou art a devil, pure and simple. 你是个恶魔,纯的


I persevere in the face of evil! 我已经记住了恶魔的脸!

Send thy Dead God\’s legions, I will put them all to death. 告诉你的死神军团,我会让他们统统去死

I\’ll shatter the Dead God\’s legions, as they murdered the monks of Turstarkuri! 我将粉碎死神军团,因为他们屠杀了星隐寺的和尚!(兔子不厚道的打成了性隐私)


Blink Dagger? Really?跳刀?真的要买?

What need have I for such a blade? 我要这种东西干什么?


The winds of virtue speed my steps. 良好的品德像清风一样加速我的脚步。

Axe 斧王


Wet my blade! 弄脏了我的斧头!


Not by blade alone! 不止有斧头哦!


Axe misjudged? 判断失误了?

You\’re tougher than Axe thought! 你比我想象中抗打多了


No escaping Axe! 再也逃不出我的斧头了!


You fought badly–died worse. 你打架太丑了,死相更难看

Axe warms his blade in your guts! 斧王要用你的肠子温暖他的斧刃


The Axe\’s edge is keen again! 我的斧子又磨好了

Axe is all the reinforcement this army needs! 斧王是这只军队所需要的全部援军!


So many skulls to cleave. So many bodies to throw on the pile. 有这么多脑袋要砍,这么多尸体要堆起来

No business but war. No family but death. No mercy but the grave! 没有交易,只有战争,没有家庭,只有死亡,没有仁慈,只有坟墓!

Axe brings the Red Mist! 斧王带来了红色迷雾(Red Mix 为2008年的电影,讲的是一个人人错服药物结果灵魂出窍,依附于其他人的身体报复社会)


Axe does not need this, but no one else shall have it. 斧王当然不需要这东西,但是其他人也别想要


Don\’t worry, precious Axe. Blink Dagger does not come to chop。不要担心,可爱的小斧头,跳刀不是用来切东西的。


Axe has gone three blades! 斧王现在有三把斧子了!

Batrider 蝙蝠骑士


You need a shower. 你该洗澡了


It\’s not the bat you gotta worry about. She eats fruit. 你不用害怕这只蝙蝠,她是吃水果的

Hey, ask permission the next time you wanna feed my bat. 嘿,下次来喂我的蝙蝠要先问问我


Oh, Lina, I was hoping you\’d be my backwarmer。哦,莉娜,我多希望你来给我暖暖身子

Aw, Queenie, in another life we\’d a been soulmates, I just know it!嗷,小女王,在另一个世界里我们一直是知音,我知道的

Drow Ranger, don\’t be a stranger。卓尔游侠,不要那么害羞啊

Oh now, Windrunner, you don\’t have to run from me。风行者,不用跑来跑去躲着我

I know, Vengeful: Chicks rule. They also die. 小复仇,我懂的,你觉得女权至上:女人也是要死的。(这一句感谢河马的翻译^^)

I gotta say, Enchantress: You are spunky。我必须要说,小鹿你真是活力十足

Spectre, I have no idea what you just said, but I could listen to you all day。幽鬼妹纸,我虽然不知道你刚才说了什么,但是我可以听你说上一整天

Crystal Maiden, you were a tall glass of ice water。冰女,你就像高脚杯里的冰水

I\’m not speakin ill of Lina when her ashes are still warm。莉娜的尸骨未寒的时候我是不会说她坏话的

Damn, Lina, I carried such a torch for ya. 该死的莉娜,我可是为了你才拿着这该死的火炬

Always a pleasure being stalked by the Templar Assassin。能被圣堂**是多开心呢

Death Prophet, I\’m the one your visions been warning you about。死亡先知,我是你预言中被警告的那个人

Mirana, I think your ride and mine have a thing for each other。米拉娜,我觉得咱俩的坐骑有一腿

Broodmother, if you weren\’t already–ugh, never mind!蜘蛛,如果你没……呃,算了

I wish I could have got a better look at you, Phantom Assassin。幻刺,我希望我能看你看的更清楚

Nightstalker, why have wings if you\’re not gonna fly。夜魔,你不会飞干嘛还要长翅膀

Shoulda warned ya, Storm Spirit. She likes fruit。蓝叔我要提醒你一下,她是吃水果的

Aw, Pudge, I thought you knew all about choppers. 啊,胖子我相信你对绞肉机很了解

Uh, usually Pudge, I like a chopped hog. But you the wrong sort。胖子,通常我比较喜欢切好的猪肉,但不是你这种

Sorry, my hoss here thought your name was Nectar-Lyte. Ha ha ha。非常抱歉,我以为你的名字是甜蜜的莱特(吐槽瘟疫法师)

Hey Void! Have you seen Bat to the Future?嘿,内裤脸!知道未来的蝙蝠是啥样么?

Aw, Viper, and I was gonna take you out for a spin. 啊,蝮蛇,我本想骑着你出去兜两圈

I rode a dragon once. Really chapped my hide。我曾经骑过龙,那严重威胁我的生命安全

Okay, Jakiro, which one of you wants to take me for a ride?好吧双头龙,你想让我骑你哪个头?

One time I was riding this dragon when the damn thing turned into a knight! 曾经我还骑着这条龙,后来他居然变成了一个骑士!


Nothin like the feel of my old bat between my legs. 没人能理解我两腿间的老蝙蝠的感受


Hoss here has a two-stroke engine. Gotta pet her twice to get her going. 我的蝙蝠有个两冲程的发动机,你得爱抚她两下她才能走